Pleasure, LOVE in MOTION !!

There is a place beyond you and me….. I’ll meet you there…. Rumi

When we connect with someone on a deep soul level our sex and our love making become transformational experiences.

A place where the ego is dropped, the masks disappear and raw vulnerability lies, the juiciness of aliveness and the death of ways of incongruous being are no longer supported.

When the body heals through pleasure it is the bodies choice…. not our minds …. not even our hearts ….. because the body has those memories of trauma, grief, loss, abuse in the cells…. often we trap both the perceived good and not so……

If we allow ourselves our love making can heal us from the inside out….. it can be a place where the body feels safe, feels open with pleasure rather than pain or “pushing through” it’s the body making the choices, it’s the body leading, the body awakens releases and chooses different because it feels it’s time. This does not always look pretty and it is always altering of the way we be. When we let pleasure have its way with us….. we are never the same!!!!!!!

When I had my paradigm shift from pain to pleasure I realised lots of my body contractions were stored caused by pain of some description, both from the self and others.

As time progressed and my body opened more to the idea and the actualisation of pleasure it became freer internally and externally. I was gaining FREEDOM by receiving, allowing and having more pleasure in my life…..

It also meant I grieved long standing parts of me, my life and being as they came to an end. As I was more there were and continue to be parts that die away and sometimes I have been very comfortable, die away and sometimes I have been very comfortable, like my favorite chair that knows my ass and what it likes and there is sadness and wonder will my new chair, will there even be a chair, will it be as good…. oh dear what if I make a mistake??

Pleasure for me is LOVE

  • Love in motion
  • Love in feeling
  • Love in sensation
  • Love in action

In the same way love can be many things …..

  • Gentle
  • Kind
  • Forgiving
  • Fierce
  • Strong
  • Relentless
  • Giving
  • Receiving
  • Mutually receptive

SO is pleasure…….

As life progresses, I become more love, more pleasure and my life changes. My body and I make different choices.

If you allowed your sex to be transformative…… what could change ? What choices could be different?

What would it take to let pleasure have its way with YOU?

Pleasure, LOVE in MOTION !!

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