10 Years NO Sex….

Hasn’t had PARTNERED sex in 10 YEARS!!

Could This happen to YOU?

What are the reasons we put our pleasure off? Someday I will have it?

I have more and more clients that haven’t had sex in a very long time some more than 10 years…..

I really get the sense that it starts off with good intentions, my last relationships were not so good so I will focus on developing myself spiritually, personal development work, self help seminars, chakras, past lives, meditation and more…..

Wanting to be different and somewhere amongst the all they became lost in keeping people at bay, being socially happy, whilst underneath they are busy holding all the balls under the water so they don’t escape, the sadness stays hidden, their desire dwindles and they decide intimacy is not for me ( Consciously or unconsciously ) who needs it, more trouble than it’s worth.

Any chance YOU have thought this?

I am not suggesting a life of celibacy is terrible if that is what you choose.

These people are not choosing this, they say they would like to have partnered intimacy and love. Somewhere they choose all or nothing if I can’t have it all then NOTHING it is.

Not wanting to risk being hurt or being wrong! Wanting too much!!

Over these years of little intimacy they have lost their:

  • Body confidence
  • Mojo
  • Memory
  • Desire
  • Openness
  • Curiosity

Often replaced with:

  • Walls of…. steel / wire / rock
  • Chained gates
  • Denial
  • Contraction
  • Closed interactions
  • Amour

When people come to see me from this place there is usually lots of healing, sadness, regret, guilt, all the feelings they have been hiding.

So putting in perspective that 10 years that’s more than 3652 days of

no intimate touch,

no snuggling on the lounge,

no deep kissing,

no quickies,

no longies……

The clients that seek me out are wanting it all they want a deep loving Conscious relationship!!

They know to have significant change they need to be and do something significant over time, someone to be accountable to, so they can commit to their intimate lives, not give up and STOP listening to the stories in their head.

Maybe it’s not 10 years….. if it has been too long with NO intimacy there is hope…. you do not have to wait any longer.

If the time is ripe….. if the time is NOW!

If you are committed with your time, tenacity, transformation, financially and have decided It’s YOUR time then message me today because you deserve sexual wholeness.

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