ORGASMs!!! Yes I said it!

We all want them….

If we are having them we desire more?

If we are not…. we want them….

If they are alluding…. we are trying to catch them….

If they are powerful ….. we long for them…

If they ARE intense…. we crave them…..

If they are in our genitals…. we want more….

If they are all over our bodies…. oo la la…. we shiver with ANT IC I PATION…..

If they are in our cervix…. we are healing, for us, woman, souls and the planet…..

If they are in our G-spot …. we open, we grieve, we weep, the waters flow and flow.

There are many types of orgasms plenty more than mentioned above.

I am never quite sure how much to share about orgasms……

Once upon a time there was a little girl who liked to grind, she liked to look, very sensitive by nature with the heart of innocence.

At some point she realised all is not golden people are not always trustworthy and knowing can be a burden, she lost her connection with the physical and with humans. The spirit world was safe, comforting and free of humans.

She learned many ways here…. the ways of Shaman, the ways of cosmos in it’s many forms and creations and dimensions. Flitting the world spreading fairy dust and moving on.

One day the Universe spoke to her and said you have learnt all you can for now! You must go be with the humans.

After much heartache, she maneuvers her way with the humans…. there is much to learn, one being how does have the same ecstatic experiences with sex and sexual energy as you do with convert sex with god and the universe? There lays the question? Was it possible??

As time moved on she practiced and practiced solo and partnered, learnt many techniques, styles and theories.

Biggest thing she learnt was to be her own best lover because from there she could be and do anything. This gave her confidence in her knowing, behavior and enthusiasm.

When she owned her orgasm on every single level she was magnanimous because no one can take it, she can share it generously with unexpected and often wild possibilities, she can keep it inside and savour or heal and she can send it out in ripples of the universe and create heaven on earth.

Yes SHE is me, Myola Violet Woods one who can orgasm with no touch, one that has deep ecstatic states of consciousness, one who has clitoral orgasms on the fly!

SHE could be YOU!

Share with someone today and spread the orgasmic love, send me your comments and like below.

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