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What Wikipedia can’t tell you about sensuality?

If you rely on Google for your sexual education, you’re likely to already be disappointed with your findings. Studies claim women lose interest in sex before men in long-term relationships. But that can’t be the whole story. Online facts and figures don’t help us figure out why, or how to maintain a delicious, committed, sexually fulfilling relationship. 

Women lose interest in sex due to a lack of intimacy and the feelings of loss of connection. So, is it possible to hold onto these in long-term relationships?

The answer is YES! If both parties are willing to do the work and are willing to take responsibility for their own sensuality, sexuality and connection. Are you willing? Or have you already left? Are you about to be another Wikipedia stat? 

In many societies, women are told that they don’t really need sex, sex is for naughty girls, sex is overrated and we all agree it definitely is if you are only having wham-bam fast intercourse. Women are not encouraged to learn about pleasure – particularly their own. They’re not encouraged to educate themselves about their own sensuality. It’s time to change that.


The way to have a delicious, committed relationship is:

  • to have all of you engaged
    • there is nothing more sexy than showing up as all of you, remember the last time someone was totally there with you… how did you feel? Loved, Appreciated…?
  • spend time being present with each other
    • turn off all distractions, put aside time for each other, listening and being with every cell.
  • enjoy sensual and connection activities other than intercourse –
    • hold hands, play and explore each others faces, hands, walk together, read to each other, do activities that build that connection without it leading anywhere else… keeping the endorphins flowing.
  • being curious with each other
    • Imagine it is the first time you are touching them, being with them pretend you know nothing and allow your curiosity to take over.
  • allowing the relationship to deepen
    • Be willing to take the next steps together, allowing the hurdles that always show up to take you deeper and build more connection and ask yourselves “what would love do?”
  • being vulnerable with each other
    • Ask those questions, be seen in your glory and sadness or unhappiness, being vulnerable is a sign of strength and is long standing way to connect from the heart and emotionally.
  • knowing you are both in – no one is looking for the door (even if it only a sideways glance)
    • when we trust both of us will be there no matter what – we are both committed, to connection and growth we are able to go deep, be vulnerable and have a delicious life together.
  • have fun
    • Above all else have fun, be light, play with each other, remember relationships are enjoyable and bring the best out of one another.

My experience with myself and working with my clients, is once women are turned on from the inside to their innate sensual and sexual being they know (or are on a journey to find out) what they like, how much they like it, they are more confident in their body, they have more self esteem and sexual esteem and they radiate from the inside out.

If you know you want your relationships to have long term satisfaction in all areas and you are tired of being turned off contact me today for a sacred conversation.


Myola Woods is an Author, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Sex Educator, International Intimacy & Relationship Coach and Winner of the Altitude Awards, Rising Star – Brave Award 2018.

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