How Female Ejaculators are making the world a better place

How female ejaculators are making the world a better place!

Did you know only 6% of women ejaculate regularly?

Over 50% of women have had some liquid during orgasm

Are you one of these? Have you ever had the urge to pee during s>e>x and held back?

This is often one of the telltale signs of ejaculation coming, most of us usually stop at this point.

The demonstration:

Imagine this: I am at an ejaculation demonstration. I was standing at the end of a massage table as close to the ‘business’ end as possible. In front of me was a lady standing holding a large container (about the size of 2 litre ice cream container), the brave woman on the table was giving an ejaculation demonstration, the facilitator was as per their agreement was rubbing her G spot enthusiastically and vigorously, the woman’s partner was holding her hand and about 30 people were in the room, mostly holding their breath and you could almost hear a pin drop… in between the sounds of pleasure enveloped the room as the woman on the table arousal grew and grew.

If you have ever been uncomfortable with sounds of pleasure from another room in a hotel or your friend got lucky and you didn’t or most unbearable your parents… I am sure you can only imagine what it was like for both the brave woman demonstrating and the room full of spectators.

I had heard of ejaculation, I had never seen it, the brave woman was a seasoned and explosive ejaculator hence the large container being held in front of her, I found out – as you can imagine all this was a little off putting and it took a bit longer than normal.

With a silent room bar the delights of pleasure eventually the brave woman did ejaculate and from my close point of view it was absolutely amazing at the point of surrender and extreme orgasm her body bared down, her pelvis and vagina opened, and fluid gushed out… it reminded me of giving birth (not that I saw my children being born) the sensation and feeling of letting go and boom there’s a baby’s head. The room also let out an almighty sigh!!

Apparently, she did not have as much fluid as she normally would, however, it certainly opened my eyes to greater possibilities.

I spoke with this brave woman later expressing my gratitude for her vulnerability and  we discussed how she felt, confirming the baring down and opening sensations and actions, which was useful information because I already had the somatic / body memory for this.

The journey:

This was the beginning of my journey into female ejaculation…

All genders can orgasm and ejaculate, and we have the equipment to do it, which was the purpose of the demonstration I attended nearly 10 years ago was to remove the myths and barriers holding women’s sexuality from being fully expressed.

I hear you asking “Why Myola? Why?” and “if it is possible why is it not so common”?.

Mostly women with Vulvas are not encouraged to explore pleasure, little girls get chastised for touching themselves, society over sexualizes women but they aren’t supposed to like or enjoy having sex.

The ancients knew of female ejaculation and called it ‘Amrita nectar of the gods’ and often thought of as a clearing of emotions and bringing new waters to the body.

We are remembering our sexualness and orgasmicness empowerment, even though we can ejaculate it is often a journey, in my own experience and working with my many clients. A journey of self-discovery, allowing pleasure to have its way, to be fully in the body, to follow the sensations and prompts from the building arousal and be vulnerable with yourself and your partner is this very open, blissful, surrendered, deep intimate space, not to mention you might make a mess!

When a woman learns, embodies, knows her ejaculations, her level of trust, confidence, wholeness, love and intimacy has had a total upgrade on all levels – Orgasm 2.0 installed!

If you are curious, want to know specific techniques, for your body, mind and soul with the practicalities or you just want to upgrade to Orgasm 2.0, come and join us for my Ejaculating orgasm online webinar series, we have teachings, embodiment meditations and play sheets…

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Myola Woods is an Author, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Sex Educator, International Intimacy & Relationship Coach and Winner of the Altitude Awards, Rising Star – Brave Award 2018.

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