Scar Tissue / Pain associated with sex

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I do hope this finds you erotically well, full of life and living.

As I like to always be learning and growing, I attended a workshop with an Amazing Being, Ellen Heed from the United States.  I have learnt Anatomy and Physiology many times over my years and she would be the most inspirational teacher I have ever had.  She makes me want to get the text books out and then palpate them in the physical to bring the theory into practice – Yes as I said she is amazing.

So with more deep learning on the pelvis, scar tissue and arousal inhibitors I am reminded how much I adore this work and how much we persevere with or put up with hoping that one day it will change.  Pain during sex or arousal is not a necessity and can result from scar tissue.  Causes include:  operations, child birth,episiotomies, c section scars, tearing or stitches. Scar tissue reduces engorgement and blood flow which in turn can reduce sensation, pleasure and desire.

Also, if we think we are going to have painful sex then we usually don’t want to have sex or be sensual or play and it can become very narrowing in our erotic lives.  No need for despair or discomfort, there are many ways we can work with scar tissue to start to increase blood flow and increase possibilities of more feeling and MOST of all less or no pain.

I always knew there must have been more, more to life and definitely more to sex.  Being an energy being and a cosmic junkie when I did earth meditations / healings I often shook and had what I would now call cosmic orgasms.  Over the past years I have embodied those experiences to be physically multi orgasmic and yes they are extremely cosmic and more importantly fun, fun, fun.

I have realised that most people just want pleasure during sex or at least no pain and to contemplate having an orgasm in each cell of the body is a little hard to fathom – luckily for all of us we can meet where you are at and expand from there.

If arousal, scar tissue or erotic embodiment is something you would like to work with me to improve.

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