Erotic Meditation

An erotic life everyday?

We are often told that eroticness and sexualness is wrong.  If we are essentially created by sexual / erotic energy could we say that it is our natural essence and innate way of being and possibly we have forgotten? How could we bring the erotic into everyday life?

What gets in the way of your erotic life?  __________________ (fill in the blank).  Is it work, kids, parents, health, money, time, partner, no partner, there are a myriad of reasons or distractions from living our erotic lives possibly our innate way of being.

What would change in your life if you asked yourself everyday…………  What can I do today to contribute to my erotic life and living?

Go ahead ask yourself now……What stories does your mind tell you?  Does your mind make it significant does it make a big deal or does it just go blank? Is it all about the genitals?  Does it have to be difficult?

Below is a gentle meditation to begin?

What if it could be touching your arm with presence, sit comfortably and begin to notice your body, intending to be present with your arm, noticing your breathing, touching slow, slower and could you touch even slower and what is it you notice?

What is happening to your touch?  What is happening with your arm?   What if you spent a few minutes every day with you with yourself?    How would your day be?

Would you interact differently with your partner?

Our erotic lives depend on us – could yours do with an upgrade?

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