One good orgasm or multiple orgasms??

What do YOU choose? And what IS the big Deal??

We Don’t Know what we Don’t know….

When I as woman unable to climax ( I felt pleasure and orgasmic energy ), when I wanted…. unable to let go….. uneducated in the ways of arousal, nervous systems and techniques….. thought it was someone’s responsibility…. unable to get out of my own way, I knew there was more AND I had NO idea how to get there …. I sort help…. I practiced …. I got educated!!

At the time I thought there was something WRONG with me, as I can be known to do…. society says it’s easy!! Must be me all by myself struggling to climax…. !!! No one would understand me……

When people meet me or see me presenting at a festival or expo often tell me that they are ok…. they are all good in the sex department….. in the beginning I smiled, said great and curiously asked myself….. it is interesting that they come to tell me they are all good…

I don’t go to the Doctor and say I am well or to fruit shop and say I have plenty of apples…. don’t need those…….

Could it be that we don’t know what we don’t know….. ¬†and we are afraid to ask incase we have been missing out!! Then what do we do…. ? If this gorgeous woman (me) tells them there is more orgasmic potential, more sensation, more pleasure to be had…… my story will be a lie!!!

I was asked this week…. ” i don’t need multiple orgasms, I am pretty happy with my one good orgasm, how much better could multiple ones be?”

I answered with a grin the size of the sun…… “oh my…… they are awesomely fantastic!”

Sometimes we think we have to give up something….. why would I replace little multiple orgasms instead of one good big one. For me it’s not about giving up anything…. it’s about EXPANSION, value adding and what else is possible?

What if you could have big multiple orgasms…. small orgasms…. intense orgasms…. subtle orgasms….. ? ( I could go on ) Increased your RANGE of orgasms!!

O R G A S M M A S T E R Y!!

You could choose your orgasm…. which will I have now….. hmmm smorgasbord of orgasms….. delicious ……. hmmmm which will I have now….. and now …… and and N O W??

If you would like to expand your orgasm menu, message me now and let the orgasms begin!!

If you know others interested in Orgasm

Mastery, tag them below, share so we can all feel more orgasmic!

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