5 Mistakes Couples Make Trying to Get their Relationship Back on Track eBook




Relationship: the distance between two objects……. How far is yours?

So It’s been too long….. We used to be sooo good together…. How did we get here and is there a way back? In this eBook you will discover the 5 mistakes people make trying to get their relationship back on track, so that if you are making them you can find a better way.

NB. This eBook does not condone abuse of any description. It has been designed for couples who have respect for each other and where both parties would like to make it work, make it better and have a different way of relating.

Mistake No. 1 Stop communicating
Mistake No. 2 Stop Loving
Mistake No. 3 Blame the other
Mistake No. 4 Stop being physical
Mistake No. 5 Try to do it all alone

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