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Sensuality for the Sophisticated Woman!
The Art of Connection

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Sensual woman program by Myola Violet Woods

Discover the 4 Pillars of erotic practice because they are the foundations of great sex:

Sensuality for Women is a mindfulness practice. This means we place part of our attention on our practice and part on our intention to practice. Intention is a bridge from the present moment to the next moment. Awareness of intention during repeated practice sessions produces profound changes in your prefrontal cortex, connected to high levels of wellbeing.

Sensuality for Women is a very effective way to assist people to break free of limiting and unperceived habits and to go deep into their own embodied experience.

Instantly you will gain more awareness because you will be guided with meditation, movement, breath, touch and sound.

Discover ways to retrain and rewire your brain for potentially more pleasure, sensation, feeling and awareness.

Learn techniques and practices to build into your life that develop presence, pleasure, awareness and inspiration.

One of Myola’s many happy participants:

Myola’s Sensual Woman workshops have been amazing fun, filled with useful information, guidance and gentle encouragement to explore the senses.  Getting in tune with how the body feels to be touched is a very liberating and interesting exercise.  Thanks for helping me explore my sensuality. Lisa

Your in home package includes:

  • Introductory Video and Notes
  • Increase your body awareness, knowledge and capacity
  • Audio – Embodied Meditation
  • Practice Video 1 – Finding the Breath with Notes
  • Practice Video 2 – Movement the key to unlocking your pleasure with Notes
  • Practice Video 3 – Secrets to Sensual Touch with Notes
  • Practice Video 4 – Sounding your way to succulence with Notes)
  • Practice Video 5 – Closing a Practice and Notes
  • Bringing it all together Video
  • The next stage in your erotic journey Video

  • 8 x Videos
  • 6 x PDF Notes
  • 1 x Audio
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    Secure payment with PayPal

    The complete package for only $109

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    Testimonial #1

    “In the arena of sex, bodywork, breath work and growth, I would highly recommend Myola. Her conscious presence and gentle recommendations are insightful, healing and clear. She is sensitive and knowledgeable, open minded and respectful. It has been a privilege to work with Myola.”

    Testimonial #2

    “She has really gone out of her way in helping me to complete and been flexible where and when needed at various times. She has been a great trainer and also very good at keeping me on task as needed!”

    Testimonial #3

    “We wanted to write and express how impressed and grateful we were of Myola’s efforts in working with us, Myola was extremely professional, accommodating and supportive. She did an outstanding job and is a credit to all who work with her.”