Sex and Relationship Coaching

What is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker?

Sexological bodywork is a pioneering profession which assists people to become more aware of their bodies and to connect more with their erotic, sensual and sexual selves. This is done through a variety of methods including; information sharing, teaching body awareness exercises (involving breath, sound and movement) and massage/bodywork to increase awareness of sensation and pleasure in the body. 

Sexological bodywork is about working with you to pass on life-changing skills that will empower you to take charge of your own sexualness and sexual life. It is the sex education we never received!

Areas which can be covered:

  • Increase your intimacy skills
  • Increase your body awareness, knowledge and capacity
  • Issues of low or non-existent libido
  • Erectile difficulty
  • Inability to orgasm
  • Expanding your orgasm potential
  • Scar tissue remediation (from childbirth or other surgery)
  • Pelvic pain remediation
  • Anal awareness, for health and consciousness
  • Prostate massage
  • Taoist Erotic Massage
  • Self -pleasuring skills
  • Erotic awareness practices
  • Overcoming early ejaculation
  • Moving through sexual trauma and shame

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Testimonial #1

“In the arena of sex, bodywork, breath work and growth, I would highly recommend Myola. Her conscious presence and gentle recommendations are insightful, healing and clear. She is sensitive and knowledgeable, open minded and respectful. It has been a privilege to work with Myola.”

Testimonial #2

“She has really gone out of her way in helping me to complete and been flexible where and when needed at various times. She has been a great trainer and also very good at keeping me on task as needed!”

Testimonial #3

“We wanted to write and express how impressed and grateful we were of Myola’s efforts in working with us, Myola was extremely professional, accommodating and supportive. She did an outstanding job and is a credit to all who work with her.”