Myola's debut book 'It's an inside job' - 12 seductive secrets to your arousal is now available!

Orgasms, multiple orgasms, full body orgasms!

Myola Violet Woods has been on a journey of self-discovery for as long as she can remember - and now she shares her secrets with you in her new paperback book 'It's an inside job'. 

This book has been brought together with love to give you practical ways to deepen your relationship with yourselves and spouses. The exercises inside are designed for you to have new awareness's and discover your bodies in a curious and playful manner.

Purchase this book for only $29.95 AUD today.

Australian post is $10AUD.

Local pick-up is available in the Illawarra.


"Myola’s capacity for awareness of what is happening in the body and how to create greater orgasmicity is remarkable. An essential book for anyone wanting deeper connection and abundant pleasure in their lives.”

Deej Juventin - Institute of Somatic Sexology

“A beautiful and innovative approach to sexuality with practical exercises included.  I really enjoy Myola’s honesty and vulnerability with her readers.”

Annette Paniagua

"For too long we have been outsourcing our orgasms, expecting them to be bestowed upon us. Finally, a manual, a how-to, of the fine art of becoming aware of and developing sensation in the body and the realisation that like any skill, orgasmicness requires practise...but oh what sweet practise it is. No aspect is left unturned, physical, relational, spiritual and emotional factors are explored and woven in with personal story. A delightful read from beginning to end and a guide to keep by the bed for future explorations."

Michaeli Gwilliam - Somatic Sex Educator


"Myola's book is full of exercises designed to give you what you are looking for. Who knew you could do so much? "

Emma P. - Author, coach & mentor